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On30 54ft Gallows Turntable

  • 54ft On30 gallows turntable. Fits the largest Bachmann On30 locos
  • Californian modeller Ken Hecker's 54ft gallows installed on his On30 module
  • 13.5" On30 gallows turntable.
  • 13.5" length gallows bridge, with all the hardware for the stays.
  • plenty of details included. laser cut nuts and washers.
  • Very capable, quiet, and slow running turntable motor and gearbox. All steel gears with grubscrews.
  • the 54ft gallows turntable shallow pit. The pitwall can be modified or removed as needed.
  • 54ft gallows turntable has a scale 2 1/2 ft pitwall. (from floor to top of rim).
  • All laser cut parts of the bridge fit to a frame making assembly simple. (frame can be kept or cut back when the bridge is complete)
  • HO wheels in assemblies that set the correct alignment for the support rail
  • jig built gallows from laser cut parts.
  • Gallows turntable: "simple spider" allows KHM's proven drive method to be used. The lack of a real spider is hidden below the deck.
  • 54ft gallows turntable by Jeff Salisbury. Completed in 12 hrs.
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Product Description

On30 13.5" (54ft) Gallows Turntable kit.



MOTOR IS READILY AVAILABLE ON EBAY FOR AROUND £10 to £12, usually with free shipping. (Also sometimes Amazon)

KIT INCLUDES A SHAFT COUPLER, and MOTOR SCREWS,  BUT NOT THE MOTOR. You will have to buy that yourself.

Please note: I ship at cost but this is a heavy kit with a shipping weight of 1.4kg.

On30 and On3 options - please select.

13.5" Will turn the largest On30 RTR locos to date  without any overhang.

Bachmanns biggest loco is the 4-6-0. 13.5" long. KHMs 54" gallows length and loading gauge is built with this in mind but it takes all the other Bachmann On30 locos with ease.

Basic dimensions in images below.....scroll down!

The design is similar to the Laws turntable.

The bridge is not just a bag of sticks. It is built up on a integral jig making for easy alignment. All parts that require angles, cutouts, cross joins are laser cut from  basswood to ensure the correct size, alignment and make assembly straight forward.

Gallows bridge detail includes laser cut square nuts and  several sizes of washer as well as stays, stay saddles and stay ties.

The spider is simple and effective. Rather than create a complicated mechanism that costs a lot but cant really be seen, I have "suggested" the spider ring, and this allows me to use KHM's standard turning plate and pick-up assembly methods within the "spider space". That way the kit is able to draw on the proven performance of our other pit turntables.

The shallow pit base is made up of 3 rings, carries a support rail around the edge and includes the pitwalls. The pit base of the 54ft version is bulit up from 3 one-piece rings assembly self-jigged with alignment aids.  The pit can be supported by the rim around the top of the wall with a circular hole in the layout top.

The bridge wheel assemblies are the 4th incarnation of KHM's turntable wheel "technology". The angles are set by the assembly - its almost foolproof! The double-flanged wheels "track" the circle rail without falling off.

Below the pit floor, the turntable is designed to use the powerful worm-gear 12V 0.6rpm motor with direct drive of primary shaft turning in oil-bearing bronze bushes. The motor is no longer supplied in the kit, as it is readily available on ebay, but the kit does include the motor mount, shaft coupler, and the motor screws. all you need to buy is the motor - or turn it by hand!


Bridge rail: for this kit I have decided not to include any bridge rail. several reasons for this but mostly because its so easy to fit. If modelling in On30 then Peco SL100 track (or HO code 83) ties fit neatly between the jig rails. In all cases the rail sits on the crossbeams.

Bridge deck has On3 and On30 options. with planking and bolt holes engraved.

Check out the pictures by clicking on the product image icon and scroll through.

Assembly is straightforward and broken down into sub-assemblies. The kit is packed with this is mind, each sub-assembly having its own pack.

Instructions are mostly photos with lots of angles to take you through the build in a step by step fashion. sadly the website is not playing ball just now so I can't put the instructions up here yet. You will be emailed pdf instructions when I ship the product. If you wish to have a look before purchase then I'm happy to email instructions without any obligation. Electrons are free!



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Product Reviews

  1. One great turntable 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Oct 2019

    This was my first kit from KWH Models. This kit is superbly engineered. All of the pieces fit remarkably well and the directions were clear and straightforward. The turntable works flawlessly and I love how one can "throttle down" the rotation speed to a crawl. And those nuts and washers - ahhh the nuts and washers! Simon recommends an enormous mug of coffee. He is right! All in all a very fine kit and I highly recommend it.

  2. An excellent interpretation of our own Gallows Turntable at Laws, CA 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Jun 2019

    I've just delivered my second build of this turntable in On30 for my group - the California South Coast On30 Module group. I first built one for myself a year ago, and now this new one will be for our setup tracks. Excellent instructions (make sure to check out the PDF manual).

  3. Well designed - great directions 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jul 2018

    I have now built two of these kits for my On3 layout - both kits turned out great the build was not difficult and the outcome looks wonderful. The well thought out design makes assembly an enjoyable time -and the well documented and clear directions even allowed me to watch the ball game as my assembly progressed without having to back track because I was distracted.

    Great Kits - Well done Kitwood Hill's