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Instructions Policy

Hi there!

I like to know what I'm buying. More often than not with internet purchases you are going by a single image of a completed model, and have only a vague idea of the contents of the kit, with little idea of how complicated it may be.

Not so here at Kitwood Hill Models. We want to show you what is included, and what's involved in assembling the kits to give you a more informed purchasing choice. Where pratical, the kit assembly instructions and other product information are included as downloadable pdfs. but if not - just contact me at sales@kitwoodhillmodels.com and ask.


Rules concerning use of pdf instructions and product information.

1. You have my permission to print the documents or use them on screen for your own use.

2. Do not modify the documents, in part or as a whole.

3. Do not share the documents on line (in part or in whole), in forums, by email or by any other means. If you wish to pass on, then please share the link to this site, not the pdf itself.

Please honour the spirit in which I share this content. Many thanks for your understanding.



For some kits the kit price does not include instructions, rather I send these by email when i ship the order.  This is for your benefit and mine! Here's some reasons why I do this.

* Shipping is by weight. For some kits the proportion of the instructions can be high (as much as 1/4 of the total!). It especially affects the price of international small packet shipping which is more sensitive to weight.

* Multiple orders - why pay for 2 sets of the same instructions?

* Ink is expensive. By weight its more expensive than gold!! The kits are produced in small volumes and the instructions come off Kitwood Hill's printer. If you can print your own for less (or only want to print part of the instructions) , or not at all because you use a screen and can zoom in, then why pay for my ink?

* I can feel free to include more detail in the instructions. Many pictures are better than lots of words - especially as English is not the first language of many customers.

* I used to offer the option of printing instructions at a cost. but it became silly so I dropped it. Electrons are free !

* people used to say "why not include a CD ROM?" That idea had its day but many modern devices have no CD reader.

I welcome feedback on any part of this policy - drop me an email at sales@kitwoodhillmodels with your comments.

After 7 years this seems to work for most customers!


Simon Cox

Kitwood Hill Models.