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... Paint brickwork.

Painting KHM's laser-cut brickwork

The commonly used method for painting brickwork is “paint the brick red oxide, and then when thoroughly dry, run a wash of mortar colour over it, and then wipe from brick surface”.

However that doesn’t seem to work that well with this MDF laser-cut brickwork. I use this material becuase it gives great  looking corner joints, and no tell-tale grain showing on the brick surface.

In the Loco shed kit I have included some test pieces to practice painting techniques and I'll continue this practice in future kits. They make up into a handy square base

test-walls.jpg       wall-cube.jpg

I use acrylics, and have found for me that it’s easiest to apply mortar colour first, using a flow improver (wetting agent) so that the paint goes all the way into the cracks. 

Then when completely dry I apply the brickwork colour with a dry-brushing technique, picking out some bricks in various shades to bring the wall to life.

whitewall.jpg          wall-paint.jpg

However I’m no painting expert. There are likely as many ways to do this as you can think of, depending on the “look” you want and the materials you prefer to use. Like many things, the trick is to practice and don't be afraid to experiment.

Happy modelling!