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About Us

About Kitwood Hill Models:

The company was formed in 2011 and started trading Jan 27th 2012.

A bit about the Proprietor:

As a kid I "discovered" model railways from an old Triang catalog while collecting for a Scout jumble sale.  Before long I was the proud owner of a Hornby OO layout. By age 15 I had progressed to a respectable attempt in OO gauge of GWR's Cornish branch terminus at Helston......just about the same time I discovered girls. Helston never got finished! Marriage, job, children and family life pushed railways to the background. Many modellers have a simliar story.

Move on to the 1990s and re-connected with my passion for railways. My interests had moved from GWR to Narrow Gauge and I built a series of 009 layouts. In 2000 I decided to move upscale to O scale, dabbled with 0-16.5 for a while, and then came On30. Big trees, big scenery, I was hooked and have been ever since.

2011 brought redundancy after 27 years of working at Nokia. So I took up the opportunity to buy a laser and start a business. What the journey will be like in the next few years is anyones guess, but I'm sure going to have fun in the process of producing what I hope will be a range of great kits.

Thanks must be given to Rich Shephard (RSLaserKits) and Pete and Jenny McParlin (Backwoods Miniatures) for their advice in setting up this venture. Also to Phil Welch (Interplane, Web design), and Paul Smith (Rmadillo Packaging) whose practical know-how have been invaluable.

In July 2016 I reduced the day job to 4 days a week to be able to keep up with increasing order levels and have time for kit development. The business has been growing steadily year on year so I must be doing something right. Big thanks to all my customers :)

BREXIT UPDATE:  June 2016 saw the UK voting to leave the EU. The "experts" predicted doom and destruction. But KHM customers didn't hear that message. My sales jumped 40% with the drop in GBP and have been growing ever since. Despite 4 day week on the day job, sales increased beyond manufacturing capacity in Feb 2017, and I was able to go full time on KHM on July 10th 2017. The adventure just kicked up a gear!

Simon Cox

Kitwood Hill Models