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Sn3 56ft gallows turntable

  • Sn3 56ft A frame turntable.
On30 model shown
  • motor arrangement
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56ft A frame gallows following the prototype at Laws, California.

This kit will be released during April 2023. It slipped out a month due to high level of O scale turntables for Germany!.  No need to pre-order for Sn3 :)

shipping cost guide: roughly £27 to USA or Canada..  note 2 kits  ends up virtually the same price as 1 kit. So - buddy up if you can !

If you order 2 they will come in the same box.

CHEAP MOTOR IS NOT INCLUDED. They are easily available on ebay. Search for "0.6rpm motor gearbox"

The turntable is designed to take a GW370 style 0.6RPM motor+gearbox. (£10-15 on ebay usually with free shipping)  The motor itself is not included, but the motor mount, screws, and shaft coupler is. This high-torque low current motor is rated at 0.6RPM at 12V and is directly coupled to the shaft.  Its best to run it from a DC variable supply, (or DCC loco decoder) so it can be reduced in speed to "extremely slow" for easy alignment with the tracks

Operationally the turntable has sprung plunger contacts for reliable power-routing of the rails - a robust type used by the electronics industry.

The turntable features continuous power-routing (not a split ring design). Polarity can be changed with a DPDT switch for DC(or DCC) use, or a DCC reversing module can be used to ensure continuous operation of a sound chip. if you have DCC, a reversing module or dual frog juicer is the best bet. wiring instructions and schematics are included in the instructions.

The kit does not include bridge track - your own track can be fitted easily.

The turntable body components are laser-cut poplar ply, birch microply and laserply, with laser-cut bass crossbeams. the kit has handrails made from piano wire to keep them robust and perfectly straight.

The SPIDER is not functional.  The Kitwood "Pseudo spider" does a great job to represent one, and it hides the turning plate - the key component that holds the primary shaft and brings power to the rails. 

The circular running track (code 75 rail included) is built up from a jig (included) that is really easy to get perfectly circular and centred. Yes really! Even a complete soldering beginner will find it simple. While gallows frequenty dont have a circle rail - functionally you will find it works far better with one. That said - if you take care centering the loco on the bridge, and provide support ramps at every entry exit point, you could model without the rail.

Supporting wheel sets are 8mm wheels that track the running rail without falling off. they are wide enough to accommodate a fair degree of "assembly tolerance"  and fit into wheel housings that ensure they are aligned at the correct angle and sit centrally on the rail.

Pdf Instructions will be emailed to you soon after ordering. If you want to see them first to get better idea of the kit please contact me - no obligation, electrons are free :)




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