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On30 tiny engine house

  • Heisler fits coupler to coupler in the 6 3/4" long shed
  • Tiny On30 engine house. Full kit waiting for doors and office to be completed
  • Tiny On30 engine house. Proto type checked for size on one of my On30 Modules. Before it got it's windows
  • Apex roof vents, included to " frame only" just because I am so pleased with them!!
  • Full kit has an office option too., but not the "frame only" kit.
  • Heisler sitting snug in the shed. The door and roof rafter profile will fit all the geared locos, and the Forney, but still keeps good overall proportions.
  • Full kit has enough wall boarding to cover all the walls. these are applied as individual planking.
  • full kit has enough corrugated iron to apply to one side wall, as well as the roof.
Winter shutdown: back in Jan 2021

Product Description

On30 Tiny engine house

2 versions:  "FRAME ONLY" KIT and a "FULL KIT"

First release is FRAME ONLY includes the wall frames, roof frames, and apex roof vents.  (no floor, or any coverings or windows/doors. - just the framework!

2nd release adds the FULL KIT option.  includes all the frame work + floor + windows + stall doors + side office + corrugated iron roof + apex roof vents + a mix of corrugated iron and boarding options for walls. 

Comes in 2 lengths: 6 3/4" and 10"

This is a tiny shed, built specifically for Porters and Heisler, to squeeze into a tiny location. Perfect for micro layouts!   

My prototype sits on a small On30 module serviced by a 5" turntable. A Heisler wheel base will just fit the turntable so the smallest length of the shed is made just long enough to fit the Heisler, coupler to coupler.

The longer 10" version is great for Shay, Climax and Forney sized locos.

there is now a lean-to water tank option especially for this kit, available to order in the "building depot".

Full kit details:-

      -> Floor: this is a sub-base that will accept HO or On30 track, and boarding that lays up to the rails, hiding the ties. Its the same principle as used in my roundhouses, but on a tiny scale.

       ->   KHM 6" rib industrial corrugated iron.  Rolled from 0.15mm thick aluminium. this material is structurally strong and can be glued direct to the roof frame work. it can be etched with ferrirc chloride to create a really rusty roof, or just painted. Includes narrow strips for the roof apex, and smaller sheets for the apex vents. There is enough also to cover one side wall. if you want the whole thing in courgated iron - you'll need to buy another pack from the KHM depot.

       -> wall boards - these are panels of laser cut individual planks, that are applied one by one onto the frame work. Some trimming will be needed. The material is a 0.8mm thick hardwood called obechi, very similar to basswood.

      -> stall doors used for this kit are unique for the kit. they can be fitted in one end only, or omitted entirely as I had to do in the prototype as I didn't have enough space in front of the 5" turntable!

      -> the side frames are designed to use KHM "engine shed windows". The full kit includes a pack of 4 fixed pane types. (KHB008)

       -> The office can be attached at the back or the sides, and comes complete with doors and windows, a felt roof, and parts to make a smoke stack.


Note: kits are made to order, there is approx 3-4 weeks lead time between order and shipping.

Frame only kits have basic pictorial instructions included.





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