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HOn3 52ft gallows

  • 52ft HO/HOn3 gallows turntable
  • "pseudo spider" allows KHM turning plate and plungers to be used for the drive and power connections
  • half joints and mortice and tenon joints give strength to the scale size lumber
  • Lumber is as close to possible. scale 12x18" stringers.  deck is not a bag of sticks! it has structural integrity.
  • H frame parts during construction . jigs included
This batch has all gone. the next will be available for preorder on April 1st 2020 9pm GMT, for shipping May 31st. They get pre-ordered very fast indeed!
Maximum Purchase:
2 unit(s)

Product Description

HOn3/HO 52ft motorised gallows turntable

Pre-orders for the current batch have closed and these will be for shipped on January 31st 2020. I have no reserve list, there is no jumping ahead of anyone else. The next batch can be pre-ordered from April 1st 2020, 9pm GMT. The batch is limited to 30 and they go extremely fast. last time they all went in 2 a half hours. So be warned: snooze ya lose.

£5+ shipping cost taken at the time of pre-order, and then the balance requested of £70 just prior to shipping.


This is 52ft gallows turntable kit is available in H frame and A frame configurations. It is wide and tall enough for HO logging locos too, and deck is available in HO, HOn3 and HOn30 options.

The H frame design takes some its cues from the Monarch turntable on the DRGW. Please understand that while this kit looks "Monarchy", the Monarch flavour is from what I can see in photos found on the net - ie the top H frame part, and the double layer stretchers.

The A frame option is taken from the 65ft kit which was based on the one at Laws.

The bridge deck is made up on an integral frame using laser cut wooden parts that slot into each other for ease of assembly. Unlike other "kits" it is not simply a bag of sticks!

The gallows framework is similarly made from laser cut bass parts and assembled on a jig.

There is no bridge track included. Rather use your own track. There is a very simple effective jig that allows you to align the track on the centre line.

The turntable has a ring rail (code 75 included) - as that overcomes the stability issues when turning and when driving on/off the bridge and it uses same small wheels as the proven Durango HOn3 kit. The ring rail also uses a simple jig to hold the rail in place while the rail is soldered to copper clad ties. Its easy! Honest! Even novice solderers have done it. Someone is going to email me that Monarch (like other gallows TTs) had ramps at the exit tracks, not a ring rail. Feel free to not fit the ring rail and fashion your own supporting ramps at the entry tracks. But don't complain to me if its a bit wobbly when you turn or when you drive on/off the bridge. been there. done that. Which is why the kit has a ring rail :)

All jigs for the above are included in the kit.

Spider design:  The kit uses the "pseudo spider" design method used in my On30 gallows kits. The spider is suggested by fixed beams and rings with a cavity in the centre, into which the proven KHM turning plate sits. The turning plate provides the reliable rotation and power connections that are already proven in the On30 and HOn3 Durango turntable kits. An actual operating spider with rotating wheels is complex to create and assemble - and far too likely to be a source of functional problems. And once the bridge deck is in place you can hardly see it anyway.

Drive options:

motorised: as default the motor is included to the kit! This uses the "Mk3" set up I have used for years, the same as the proven KHM Durango turntable. A low RPM motor drives the primary shaft via a set of steel gears. Nominal rotation speed of the bridge is 0.75 RPM but with variable speed control this can creep even slower for alignment by eye. 99% of my customers use this method. Keep it simple.

Motorless: If you are using "big finger from the sky"  then you can remove the motor and gears as an option.

Manual drive: Still under development.

Stays and cabling: This is 0.6mm piano wire. I use this because it is robust and holds its shape. 

NBW assemblies: the kit has none - you will have to source your own. There are 3 reasons for this: a) 75% of customers are in US/Canada and its easier for you to get them than me! b) the cost is lower if you source your own. I would have to import to UK pay extra taxes, add to kit and send back. That's madness. c) I don't like adding casting suppliers into my supply chain due to long and variable lead times. The On30 kits have NBW assemblies built up from laser cut parts but that isn't feasible in HO.

Dimensions below.


Why 52ft?

HO guys. The commonest TT in Europe was 16m. The turntable pit is sized for a 184mm bridge = 16m in HO. Once I deepen the pit walls it just need a girder bridge to create a motorised HO 16m TT at an affordable price. I have seen the stupid high price being asked for in Germany for HO TTs, and feel the need to correct that. So I will release a girder bridge 16m TT some time in 2019. I will give it an operating hut option for my European friends.

On30 guys... 184mm is about 7.2"  Shay, Climax, Heisler, Forney all fit this length as well as a host of critters.  So watch this space in 2019. I'll take the 16m HO TT and give it a backwoods On30 flavour. might help space-staved modellers if the existing 9" proves too much of a squeeze. This is the real reason for doing this size turntable :)


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