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On30 Backwoods Roundhouse

  • On30 backwoods roundhouse
  • On30 Roundhouse, rear 3/4 view
  • On30 Backwoods Roundhouse. Roof and frames. As the kit development stood 26th August 2016.
  • central spine roof corrugated iron in place. This is KHMs "industrial corrugated iron" (rolled aluminium sheet) treated to a bath of ferric chloide soltuion for various times. No weathereing powders or paint on this - just straight out the "dip" and washed thoroughly. gives really "crusty" look for a neglected shed roof.
  • I made the rear roof removable - because you can!  front could be done the same way, but not the central spine - something has to hold the angle!!
  • central spine roof fitted with smokestack and hoods.
  • This proto showing a Forney in the centre stall has been built with a 9" turntable in mind. the radial angle here is 19degrees, but the framework can be built from 9degrees to 19degrees, In simple terms: the larger the angle, the closer the Roundhouse can be set to the turntable.
  • Frame work gives LOTS of options for windows/doors openings. on end stalls and across the back walls.
  • rear frame options  - windows, doors, or full engine doors for straight through tracks. (ya never know!)  the door options are done by cutting through the framework.
  • stalls are available with a 3" extension option. This still leaves 3" usable height at the end of the backwall.
  • large single sliding door option. can go in end walls or centre walls. One in the kit, extras can be bought separately.
  • One single sliding door can be fitted comfortably in the back wall of a centre stall.
  • stall doors can be fitted in the back walls to give an option of driving the track straight through. (well ya never know!)
  • Lean-to option for an open stall extension.
  • lean-to option - front view
  • Simple open-framed boiler shack option (boiler not included)
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Product Description

On30 Backwoods Roundhouse.

This kit is made to order with 4-6 weeks between order and shipping 

To go with KHM 9" and 11.25" turntables. (and other 12" TTs)




* adjustable framework with variable angles to suit your layout design.

* 2 stall length options 9.5" and 12.5"

* individual board on frame walls. boarding can be assembled in panels or separately.

* Framing allows windows to be put in many places.

* Framing allows stalls doors to be fitted front and back of stalls (for straight through track)

* corrugated roofing included using our 6" rib industrial corrugated aluminium sheet. roof can be made with removable panels.

* central roof spine includes simple-to-build louvres.

* smoke stacks with collector hoods included to basic kit. held securely by roof panels.


windows/doors/and lean-tos are not included to basic kit.

Order them as desired from the KHM building depot or supply your own.

* windows (4 per pack), and 2 types of stall doors.

* sliding door options available - can be put in rear or end walls.

* lean-to and boiler shelter options available separately.


Roundhouse has 9.5" and 12.5" stall length options.

The standard kit designed for KHMs 9" turntables has 9.5" stall length to back wall. 

There is optional 3" extensions that increase the length to 12.5" stalls so you can use with our 10.5" and 11.25" TTs, as well as Peco and Atlas 12" TTs

Extra 9.5" stalls or 12.5" stalls can be added  order up to 7 stalls - contact me if you want more.

You do not have to have the same stall length - you can mix and match.

semi-custom?  contact me on the "contact" page.


Variable radial angles to give you best fit for your space!!

The angle of the stalls can be set to match varying angles of the tracks coming from the turntable. This Roundhouse can be adjusted between 9 degrees and 19 degrees. Put simply: the larger the angle, the closer the Roundhouse can be to your turntable. Which means you can squish it into a small space. If you have larger space, and want to be able to park locos on the track in between the turntable and the roundhouse then you can set the roundhouse further back, using a shallower angle. The rear walls and roof frames are adjustable with this in mind, and the kit includes floor templates to be able to set the angles simply.


This freelance design is shooting for the run down, clinging together, shoe-string budget look and feel of a backwoods railroad. Wooden board walls (likely many missing), crusty old iron roof etc. There will be stall doors, windows and sliding doors for the end walls as options, also lean-to and boiler room.


These take you through assembly step by step with lot of photos and diagrams.  Instructions include a section that will help to to plan angles and size need on your railroad.  This not a complex kit - there is just a lot of it!  There are no printed instructions included - this allows me to include a lot of content and pictures. Pdf instructions are sent by email at time of shipping.

If you wish to see them to help your purchase decision then request them on the contact page. No obligation - electrons are free :)





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