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On30 9" Pit Turntable

  • On30 turntable. MK3 9inch kit
  • On30 9"  turntable - built and photographed by Olivier Provost.
A Mk3 kit, superbly bedded into Olivier's layout.
  • MK3 handrails undergoing examination from one of KHM's inspectors.
  • Mk 3 kit has shallower pit.
  • MK3 turntable bridge. completely overhauled for greater accuracy
  • Paired wheelsets for more accurate alignment to the running rail
  • standard track can be used, with a simple self centering method. Peco 00/HO SL100 shown here.
  • July 2021. 0.6rpm motor directly drives the bridge shaft
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Product Description


CHEAP MOTOR IS NO LONGER SUPPLIED WITH THIS KIT. They are on ebay. Search for 0.6rpm motor gearbox.

With deck rail length of 8 3/8" (212mm) this turntable will turn a host of medium sized locos: shays, climax, Bachman's Forney and 4-4-0 with tender. Its outer ring is 9 3/8" (238mm)

The 16.5mm gauge turntable can be used for 0n30, 0-16.5, and Oe.  On3 is also a standard variant.

S/Sn3: I have conversion parts for both S and Sn3. It will create a 44ft turntable in S.  Please put "S" or "Sn3" in the order notes.

OO modifications:  This is a US style turntable! It has cross members on girders - that's just not right. Please go to an OO turntable manufacturer and order from them. Have some respect for your wonderful British steamers!

Easy to assemble.

This kit was the first girder bridge turntable I released in 2012. Through continuous upgrade the kit has settled down to its current format, although in July 2021 I have had to change the motor arrangements, as I can no longer buy the original.

Features:  Shallow pit and bridge depth appropriate for On30, paired wheel housings set at the right angles ensuring running rail alignment accuracy, wheels are double flanged so they stay on the cirle rail, profiled basswood crossbeams and end beams for easy assembly (not just a bag of sticks!). Handrails included. Check out the images in the product icon to see more details.

The turntable is designed to take a GW370 style 0.6RPM motor+gearbox.  This high-torque low current motor is rated at 0.6RPM at 12V and is directly coupled to the shaft with a shaft coupler.  Its best to run it from a DC variable supply, (or DCC loco decoder) so it can be reduced in speed to "extremely slow" for easy alignment with the tracks.

The turntable has sprung plunger contacts for reliable power-routing of the rails - a robust type used by the electronics industry.

The turntable features continuous power-routing (not a split ring design). Polarity can be changed with a DPDT switch for DC(or DCC) use, or a DCC reversing module can be used to ensure continuous operation of a sound chip. if you have DCC, a reversing module is the best bet. wiring instructions and schematics are included in the instructions.

Bridge rail:  the kit does not include rail for the bridge - your own track can be fitted easily using its existing ties to set gauge, or you can spike your own rail in place. The version of gauge only affects the decking widths.

The turntable body components are laser-cut poplar ply, birch microply and laserply, with laser-cut bass crossbeams and a deck surface of laser-cut basswood representing approximately 9inch timbers in 1/48 scale. the MK3 upgrade has handrails made from piano wire to keep them robust and perfectly straight.

The circular running track (rail included) is built up from a jig (included) that is really easy to get perfectly circular and centred. Yes really! Even a complete soldering beginner will find it simple.


The supporting wheels are double-flanged 12mm diameter . which track the circle rail allowing for more assembly tolerance. They fit into the laser cut wheel housings that align them at the correct angle. CAD designed, they sit neatly on the rails.

The turntable will require a 9 3/16" (232mm) diameter hole to be cut into the baseboard.

The pit depth is over over 2 1/2 scale feet (16mm) at the pit wall.

Overall depth from the track base is less than 3" (75mm), including motor.

Pdf Instructions will be emailed to you soon after ordering. If you want to see them first to get better idea of the kit please contact me - no obligation, electrons are free :)


Simple, reliable, affordable.

Below: Mk3 kit built and photgraphed by Olivier Provost. Olivier's model really shows how sensitively-applied weathering can "bed" the turntable naturally into your layout. Top result, sir!!!



Below is a MK2 kit assembled and detailed by US modeller Ray Flanagan.

Ray added extra handrails and detailed the pit base. Great job! This led me to put handrails into the MK3 kit.


Below is a MK1 kit made up by German modeller Dirk Krampe.







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Product Reviews

  1. Suitable for beginners 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Dec 2022

    Even if you are all thumbs you can do this! It really is that easy.

    This is the first time I’ve attempted something like this and it has worked out well. I would heartily recommend this turntable.

  2. Best turntable on the market 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Mar 2015

    I purchased this TT a while ago but as we bought a new house, everything was put on the back burner. I have now got all the track laid on my 24'x90" walk around modular On30 layout and installed the TT. WOW! A fantastic piece of machinery. I may just have to get a bigger TT now though. He he.

  3. My first 0n30 kit and a lot of fun... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Jan 2013

    I received the turnable, began with my work and didn’t stop until it was finished. I had a lot of fun, everything matches exactly and it works perfect.

  4. Best working Turntable for On30 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Oct 2012

    The kit was an absolute dream to put together. Probably the best laser cut wood kit I have constructed. Instructions were excellent, and the turntable works perfectly on my layout, on only 1 AA battery, with hardly any noise.