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On30 10.5"/11.25" Pit Turntable

  • On30 10.5" turntable. Very useful for Small tender locos
  • On30 42ft Turntable
  • Handrails undergoing inspection
  •  shallow 30" pit - appropriate for an NG turntable
  • standard track can be used, with a simple self centering method. Peco 00/HO SL100 shown here.
  • On30 Bachmann 2-6-0 Mogul will fit on the turntable with overhang
  •  turntable bridge without the decking.
  • Paired wheelsets for accurate alignment to the running rail
  • steel gears and beefy very low rpm motor
£70 kit. On30/Sn3 guys: please use the contact page to arrange an order.
Maximum Purchase:
2 unit(s)

Product Description

MOTORISED  On30/Sn3 10.5"/11.25" PIT TURNTABLE KIT! 

A 10.5" or 11.25" bridge length version of our very popular 9" On30 turntable

choose length with option.

10.5" will fit a 4-4-0 tender very nicely and a Bachmann Mogul 2-6-0 with some overhang (I always hated that long tender!).

11.25" is enough for a Bachmann On30 2-8-0 consolidation

On30, On3 and Sn3 guys - please select On30 or On3 from the buttons. if you want Sn3 then add that in the order notes. Note the Sn3 variants are not true Sn3 TTs, but I have modifications that cut down the O scale timbers to make it passable.

OO guys - this is not for you! This US O scale narrow gauge will look out of place on a UK layout. Have some respect for your British OO steamers! There is no need to try to do a DIY bodge job conversion on an On30 kit. Please go to https://greenwoodmodelrailwayproducts.co.uk/ and Mike will sort you out with a beautiful 65ft or 70ft OO turntable.

HO guys: So sorry. I would love to be in a position to supply you. I have HO conversion elements to help hide the O scale origins, but I presently have no manufacturing capacity to cope with the worldwide HO demand.  I have only one pair of hands and they are busy making On30 and O scale.

Dimensions for 10.5" below - for 11.25" add 0.75" !



The turntable comes complete with a pre-assembled motor+planetary gearbox with additional steel reduction gears for smooth, slow and realistic operation. The very low Rpm motor has lots of "oompf" and is slow enough for indexing alignment by the tried and tested, super-simple, line-it-up-by-eye method!

Operationally the turntable has sprung plunger contacts for reliable power-routing of the rails - a robust type used by the electronics industry.

The turntable features continuous power-routing (not a split ring design). Polarity can be changed with a DPDT switch for DC(or DCC) use, or a DCC reversing module can be used to ensure continuous operation of a sound chip. if you have DCC, a reversing module or dual frog juicer is the best bet. wiring instructions and schematics are included in the instructions.

The kit does not include bridge track - your own track can be fitted easily using its existing ties to set gauge, or you can spike your own rail in place. The version of gauge only affects the decking widths.

The turntable body components are laser-cut poplar ply, birch microply and laserply, with laser-cut bass crossbeams and a deck surface of laser-cut basswood representing approximately 9inch timbers in 1/48 scale. the kit has handrails made from piano wire to keep them robust and perfectly straight.

The circular running track (code 75 rail included) is built up from a jig (included) that is really easy to get perfectly circular and centred. Yes really! Even a complete soldering beginner will find it simple.


From 2016, supporting wheelsets are 12mm double-flanged brass wheels that track the running rail without falling off. they are wide enough to accomodate a fair degree of "assembly tolerance"  and fit into wheel housings that ensure they are aligned at the correct angle and sit centrally on the rail.

The 10.5" turntable will require a 280mm (11") diameter hole to be cut into the baseboard.

The 11.25" turntable needs a 11 3/4" hole.

The pit depth is just over over 2 1/2 scale feet (16mm) at the pit wall.

Overall depth from the track base is 3 1/2", including motor.

Pdf Instructions will be emailed to you soon after ordering. If you want to see them first to get better idea of the kit please contact me - no obligation, electrons are free :)


Simple, effective, reliable, affordable.




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