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Large On30 Roundhouse

  • On30 Large Roundhouse
  • On30 Roundhouse
  • US modeller Mike Klinger's On3 7 stall Roundhouse waiting for its roof. Perfect home for his K class stable of locos. Turntable is KHM 65ft turntable.
  • Basic kit is 3off 14.25" stalls. more stalls can be added easily.
  • Working apex roof windows!
  • 14.5" stall length is good for the largest Bachmann RTR locos. 14 degree frame shown.
  • floor templates standard 14.5" and 3" extension options form a base for the flooring. trackwork can be easily inset.
  • inspection pits included
  • wooden flooring is optional
  • stall doors for the 9deg Option
  • Large rectangular wide doors are standard for the "K class" version. Model and photo from US modeller, Peter Theodore
  • several door options available from KHMs  "building depot" section. sliding doors (2 types) can be set in the sides or rear
  • Bachmann 4-6-0 sitting in the frame during development waiting for engine shed stall doors!
  • Image 14
  • stall extensions can be for independent stalls
  • side view showing boarding - windows yet to be cut.
  • Smoke stacks being added to one of the proto builds
Winter shutdown: back in Jan 2022
Maximum Purchase:
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Product Description

Large On30 roundhouse

10 and 14 degree angle options.

Made to order. 3-4 weeks manufacturing time.

This kit is intended to go with Kitwood Hill Models 13.5" and 16.25" turntables

Available with 14.5"stalls to use with the 54ft (13.5") turntables and 17.5" stalls for those modellers with the 65ft (16.25") turntables. mixed stall lengths are possible

I will entertain custom variants (On30/On3 only) if they are greater than 7 stalls. The largest kit supplied to date is a 21 stall 15deg roundhouse. Customs times depend on how much is custom!

If you run K Class locos then you will need the 10deg version which has a 3.25” wide On3 doors to get a monster K37 through the open doors. This is only available with 17.5" stalls. Both roundhouse and 65ft turntable will still fit on a 48" long baseboard.

14degree version is for space-starved modellers who need the roundhouse as close as possible to the turntable to squeeze every last inch – the compromise is narrower doors, but at 2 5/8” width through the doors, these are still wide enough for all Bachmann RTR locos.

The basic kit has 3 stalls - more stalls can be easily added. Indicate the number in the options list (max extra stalls is 4, to create a 7 stall roundhouse...this is a practical limit for shipping). If you want more than 7 stalls then contact me.
FLOOR templates used to set the wall angles also form a base for the floor into which tracks are set. The kit includes 3 inspection pits.  With surface treatment the floor templates can be made into a concrete floor. the kit is designed so the doors will clear up code 100 rail set onto the sub floor.  Peco On30, ME On30, Altas HO track and hand-built track have all be used.
Wooden floor option. you can add wooden floor planking as an option. (specify On3 or On30). The planking direction is in line with the rails and brings the wood to the outside of the rail. It is 1.6mm (1/16") thick (so Ok for code 75, 83, 100 rail)
WALLS standard kit walls are individual wooden boards over a wood framework. NEW from Aug21 is the option to replace the individual boarding with pre-cut wall sheets to cover the framework. (matching the backshop kit). These wall sheets have the planking engraved both sides, window openings are precut on the sides, and part-cut on the inside of the rear walls. the batten are individually applied.  Generally this is easier and faster than planking out the entire roundhouse.
Stall doors:  these are included to the kit. 14 deg stall doors have angled corners, the 10deg kit has On3 sized doors. It is possible to swap door types for those in the building depot - please contact me if you wish to do this.  you can also add extra doors from the building depot to the rear walls to create a straight-through stall.
Side windows/doors. from Aug21, 8 fixed pane windows and a large single sliding door are included to the kit. if you wish to swap these for something else please contact me, You can add more windows and/or doors for the rear walls from the building depot. The large double sliding doors are a nice touch in the rear walls. its nice to be able to see inside :)
Apex windows are included as standard. These are hinged and open and shut!
ROOF has a plain panel over the framework for a DIY covering of your choice. (tarpaper works well and is easy to do - info how I did it in the instructions).  The kit comes with roof stacks (2 per stall) which can be made with, or without, stays.
CORRUGATED IRON OPTION: If you wish you can cover the roof in KHM's industrial corrugated iron. For a standard 3 stall roundhouse with 14.5" stalls needs 2 packs of 10 (KHB002). 17.5" stall will need 3 packs.  Each extra stall added needs 3/4 of a pack (sorry!). KHB002 corrugated packs are available in the "Building Depot" part of the website.

Check out the photos - scroll along in the images area. there are quite a few from the kit development.

Floor plans with the different options below:-



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