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7mm scale 30ft turntable

  • 7mm O scale 30ft turntable kit
  • O scale industrial 30ft  standard gauge turntable kit
  • chequerplate between the rails with full deck planking give an industrial look.
  • Bridge and deck frame inside the 9" pit.
  • lifting push poles modelled from industrial prototypes
  • 0.6RPM geared motor NOT INCLUDED
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Product Description

7mm O scale 30ft turntable kit.

3 weeks from order to shipping with this kit.

The really cheap 0.6RPM GW370 motor is no longer supplied  - but it is readily available on ebay from many sources,

This small turntable with 8.45" rail length is a perfect space saver for small layouts, capable of turning a wide range of small standard gauge locos.

Like all of Kitwood Hill Models turntables this is mostly plywood construction, only requiring glue to assemble. Soldering is restricted to the circular support rail, and wiring the track rails. 

Construction is straightforward, built up in sub-assemblies, with many pictures in the instructions.

PIT features

* Pit uses the tried and tested 9" On30 turntable pit. The pit base is made from several layers of ply glued at 90degrees to give a rigid structure.

* The pit running rail is included, along with a simple assembly method, proven on our many On30 turntables. Its so simple a novice builder should be able to obtain a perfect circle. That said, the wheels are wide enough to accommodate a reasonable amount of assembly tolerance.

BRIDGE and deck features

* The 3mm ply bridge frame forms a rigid structure carrying wheel assemblies and top sub-deck. The full deck is re-enforced with an outrigger frame.

* While similar to its On30 counterpart, the wheel assemblies are designed from new for this kit to ensure they can carry the extra weight of O scale standard gauge locos. From Jan2022 the wheels under the deck are 3D printed nylon on steel axles. CAD designed features hold the double-flanged wheels exactly on the running rail.



* The deck surface is basswood engraved with scale 9" planking complete with boltholes. Wheel maintenance hatches are included to the kit to finish off the deck.

* in between the rails are laser-engraved chequerplate panels to give that industrial look.

* The kit includes lifting push poles that I have seen on industrial turntables. I thought it worth including the parts for these, although it is easy to fashion your own (we are modellers after all)

* Bridge track rails and chairs are now included as standard - 30off peco chairs and Ni-silver code 124 bull head rail.

Instructions: These are available in pdf only. There are no printed instructions in the kit. Why? I hate printing them, and there are many pages so it costs a lot. They also increase the weight and add shipping cost. The upside is the instructions are full of photos taking you through the assembly process. If you want to see them before buying then please contact me. No obligation, electrons are free!

Drive train features

* Track power is taken to the rails via KHMs well-proven robust turning-plate assembly - which also holds the 4mm drive shaft.  This pre-assembled item includes continuous PCB contact rings for the best use with DCC. If used with a DCC reversing module, DCC loco decoder power will be continuous. The track power contacts are hard-gold-plated sprung plungers of a robust kind used in the electronics industry. Each rated at 6A. The primary shaft turns in oil-bearing bronze bushes.

*MOTOR:  The kit is designed to use a 0.6rpm geared motor, directly driving the shaft. The motor/shaft coupler is included in the kit BUT THE MOTOR IS NO LONGER INCLUDED. It is readily available on ebay. (and sometimes Amazon). Search Ebay/Amazon for "0.6RPM gearbox motor" or "GW370 gearbox motor" and you will find plenty of suppliers. It is between £11 and £15, often with free shipping.

* Indexing is completely foolproof...and free...track alignment is by eye! The motor can turn extremely slowly so its easy to stop at the right place. Its a small turntable and likely to be installed on a small layout - so "visual indexing" is good enough for 99% of users. That said...I have an adaptor for ADM's most excellent indexed drive system. Possibly overkill in almost all applications of this turntable - but if you have many exit roads, an ADM drive system is fantastic play value!

Key dimensions with MK4 drive set up (GW370 motor)



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