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HOn3/HOn30 65ft Durango Turntable

  • HOn3 65ft Durango turntable with motor
  • HOn3 Durango turntable. a shot down the deck.
  • Australian modeller Jurgen Engel put this HOn3 kit together to turn his very fine loco.
  • Proto bridge on the base during development.
  • Pit base with support rail. The support rail ties are nominally scale 8"x 8" in 1/48.
  • underside of pit has additional bracing.
  • On3/On30 "Durango" pit.
  • Rail jig to form and centrally align the support rail.
  • The bridge framing fits snugly together before glueing - the slots and tab dimensions adjusted for the laser beam width.
  • Laser cut deck ties for bridge torsional rigidity and to avoid the kit being a bag full of sticks! you will only see the ends once the deck planking is in place.
  • Underside of the bridge. the frame separation is slightly wider than the prototype, forced by reusing the KHM's standard contact PCB. This has been the only dimension that has been knowingly compromised.
  • bridge sides have same plate sizes as the prototype
  • Air motor and operation deck (handrails missing)
  • Primary driven axle locked into place into a milled brass insert which is keyed into the turning plate, with a locking pin for good measure. She ain't slipping! This assembly is supplied complete.
  • contact PCB slimmed down from the On30 kits. comes pre-assembled and pre-wired to the turning plate.
  • Simple assembly with drop in wheels. and a spare housing panel included for any little accidents.
This part was right first time straight from CAD :)
  • 2 wheel sub-assemblies - easier to handle.
  • Wheel assembly fits into slots on the frame for correct position and height.
  • turntable wheel assemby self-aligns wheels to the correct angles
  • Taking a breather during prototype cut testing.
  • Support wheels sitting neatly on the rail
  • HOn3 / HOn30 Durango turntable kit available
  • HOn3 Durango turntable kit now upgraded with steel gearing
This batch has all gone. the next will be available for preorder on April 1st 2020 9pm GMT, for shipping May 31st. They get pre-ordered very fast indeed!
Maximum Purchase:
2 unit(s)

Product Description

HOn3 / HOn30 65ft Durango style turntable.

Pre-orders for the current batch have closed and these will be for shipped on January 31st 2020. I have no reserve list, there is no jumping ahead of anyone else. The next batch can be pre-ordered from April 1st 2020, 9pm GMT. The batch is limited to 30 and they go extremely fast. last time they all went in 2 a half hours. So be warned: snooze ya lose.

£4.50+ shipping cost will be taken at the time of pre-order, and then the balance requested of £65 just prior to shipping.

The kit is complete with motor.

reduction gearing is all steel gears with a very low rpm motor

Model dimensional features:

The kit is in the style of the Durango turntable. I have spent a lot of time searching for drawings, studying pictures and tried to get the kit as close as I can as the real thing for 3.5mm/ft within functional and cost limitations. The intention for the kit is that it is a reliable, affordable, functional turntable that is easy for an average modeller to assemble and looks "right" with a Durango flavour.   The wheels I have to confess are "made up". I have found no drawings of that detail, and all the pictures I have found are fuzzy under the deck. I have made them as I have seen them in pictures: small and discrete. 

Lets have a look at the detail.....

* Bridge is as per the Durango drawings I have for length and profile. I have had to compromise on the separation of the frames - they are 6mm wider than they should be due to the PCB rings used for the contacts. (the anticipated kit volume does not justify an expensive respin of the PCB).

* Bridge side panel overlays that simulate the iron girders of the original have scale plate sizes and number of the original. Ideally this would be a resin cast overlay but I do not have that manufacturing capability. If someone wants to make a overlay casting complete with rivot detail then please get in touch!

* Deck width is correct at 50mm. deck planking is correct for HOn3. The deck follows pictures from the prototype around 1965 where the stanchions come out from cuts in the deck, rather than modern pictures where the stanchions are on the outside. (have a "google" and you'll see what I mean)  HOn30 and 009 decking will look appropriate for the 9mm gauge.

* Deck cross ties are the correct number (32) according to drawings and pictures that are dated 1965, and as close to 8"x8" timbers as I can get them. (actually come out to a scale 9"x9"). It seems the deck and bridge timbers have been replaced since the sixties as modern pictures have more ties, closer together.  I have cut them from a single piece for 3 reasons: 1) you can only see the ends when the deck planking is in place. 2) the single piece adds to torsional rigidity of the bridge frame 3) I want to offer an easy-to-assemble kit, not a bag full of sticks!

* Durango style angled deck stanchions , as well as "vertical" stanchions. handrail wire included.

* I've added the air motor and operating deck that drives the bridge wheels. (Air is taken from the loco being turned in the real thing). The "motor" is made up from laser cut parts and is a fair representation of the shape of the unit. It does the job from reasonable viewing angles. This can be omitted entirely. (like more expensive kits have done)

* Pit depth is as per Durango drawings at the bridge support rail and at the centre. The Durango turntable pit wall is a rather cracked concrete wall. As I am cutting from wood, the edge panels are easily bent strips of ply that glue in place around the wall under the edge rim, and then the surface can be treated to taste. Its an opportunity to make your own "cracked concrete". We are modellers after all!

Turntable operational features:-

* Motor, gearing and contacts incldued. Proven reliability and quiet. No indexing - alignment is by eye. The kit include primary shaft bronze bearings.

* Pre-assembled turning plate with contacts that transfers rotation and power to the bridge as per the On30 kit. It works without slipping! From 2016 this is upgraded with a milled brass insert that holds the 4mm primary shaft.

* Bridge rails....rail assembly is a strip of track H0n3 or HOn30/009 track, the "ties" sit in the holes of the deck tie frame. The track is no longer included. The base of the rails sit directly on the tie frame. it is easy to centres the track and glue into place. You can't see any of this when the planking is in place!

* Pit is made up from, laser ply plates with a bracing panel and an additional ring carrying the support rail at the right height. All self-aligning with holes and 2mm axles (supplied).

* Bridge support rail in the pit uses a jig to obtain a good circular rail correctly centred in the pit. Circular perfection is not really needed because the bridge wheel design can accommodate a lot of "assembly tolerance" without fouling.

* pit inside diameter = 231mm.

* pit support ring (outside diameter around the top) = 254mm

* pit hole required = 245-247mm (use the pit base as a template to cut the required circular hole)

below is a cross section of the pit and bridge showing the depth with new steel gearing and more powerful low rpm motor.

Instructions are many photos with explanations, taking you through the build step by step. its not a difficult kit to assemble - just go slow and steady and you'll have a great outcome. Instructions are now pdf only and will be emailed to you when you place your order. If you want to have a look before deciding to order then I'm happy to email them to you without any obligation. Electrons are free!!




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  1. A joy to put together. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Sep 2019

    Put this together over a few days. An absolute joy to build. Well thought out design and the parts just go together without any fettling. If only Simon would do some of the other kits in H0. The large roundhouse would be nice. Hint, hint.

  2. A satisfying build 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd May 2016

    This kit proved to be a thoroughly satisfying project to build. Hats off to Simon for a well thought out, well designed and perfectly executed kit. I spent four evenings building this, and am very pleases with the result. This was my first ever undertaking of a laser cut kit, and i don't think it could have been made any more simple for me.