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On30 Large 2 stall Engine House

  • On30/On3  large 2 stall engine house
  • removable roof to show interior.
  • sliding doors with extra detail. detailed both sides of the doors.
  • Extension sections grow length.
  • On30 2 road engine shed. Great for a working industrial shed
(model and picture: Johan W van Doorn)
  • corrugated iron roof option and slated vents. 
(model and picture: Dirk Tegethoff)
  • Corrugated iron roof option. Superb rusty look.
(model+picture: Dirk Tegethoff)
  • side doors can show off internal detail well.  Very easy to kit bash.
(model and picture: Johan W van Doorn)
  • Engine shed extra rear doors come in handy.
Note the modified smoke stacks. 
(model and picture: Johan W van Doorn)
  • Old pic of original kit with an On30 Climax on shed.
  • close up of internal detail
Not available. Kit Undergoing Revamp

Product Description

ON30/ On3 Large 2 stall Engine House.

A mixed brick and wooden engine shed that will make a superb centre point for your small locomotive works.

Standard 15" length goes great with Kitwood Hill Models 13.5" turntables.

In extended format, with one centre extension, it grows to an internal length of 21 1/4" - big enough for K class locos :)

THIS KIT is the original On30/On3 version with On3 sized doors.

On3/On30 floor:  Designed to accommodate peco or ME track, it includes inspection pits.

With a 15” x 10” footprint this kit produces a large, yet highly versatile structure. The internal length of 360mm fits 50ft locos

New length extension sections fit in the centre, extending the internal length to 540mm (21 1/4") for one or 720mm (28 3/8") with 2 extensions. Each extension section has its own set of roof stacks, smoke collectors, and apex roof vent. The sides are either wood+brick foundation, or all wood. they do not have sliding doors. 

The roof can be built as removable to show off the detailed roof and wall framing and any additional internal detail the modeller may choose to add. The wall surfaces are detailed with interior viewing in mind so it looks great both inside and out. There are different brick/wood options for the side walls - see below for more details

Although the kit has many parts the modular assembly method makes for a straightforward build. Each subassembly is packed separately within the kit to aid construction in stages. A comprehensive 20 page assembly guide with over 165photos takes you through each stage, step by step.

The instructions are not printed! they come in pdf format when the kit is shipped. If you wish to see them first please email me sales@kitwoodhillmodels.com. no obligation - electrons are free :)

Kit features include:-

* laser-cut brick wall sections. Flemish bond brick pattern (inside and out!) with interlocking brick corners - no seams to hide afterwards.

*  2 sets of Sliding doors with exposed sliding roller mechanisms. (can be removed).

* Individual batten and board siding on detailed frames -  look great inside and out.

* end walls can be alternatively arranged so there are 2 windows and one set of hinged doors at either end, or 2 sets of doors both ends.

* Roof apex vents have slatted louvre.

NOTE THAT THIS KIT IS MADE TO ORDER. So it has a typical 3-4 week lead time between ordering and shipping.

Door Options:

The kit comes with 2 working Hinged stall doors as standard. but can be built with doors fitted both ends for "straight through" operation. tick the option if you wish to include extra doors.


1. DIY. no roof covering is supplied - you can use your own favourite method. this is the default selection if you choose nothing.

2. Corrugated iron roof! With this option you'll get strips of our corrugated aluminium, representing 6"rib corrugated iron. More than enough to cover the whole roof with plenty of margin for overlaps and different sizes . adds £18 to cost for the basic structure, and a further £9 for each extension

3. Slate: work in progress.

4. Shingles: these are no longer the printed ones you see in the photos, but rather laser cut thick card that you will need to paint to your chosen colour. Adds £6.00 to cost + £3.00 for each extension

Side Wall Options:

the building is designed around main brick pillars - each extension section added will add another pillar per side. The wall options are concerning what is in between the pillars! the end walls are always wooden.

1. DEFAULT: mixed wood/brick as photos: wooden walls on low brick foundation on one side, brick with sliding doors on the other.

2. ALL WOOD sides between brick pillars ON BOTH SIDES.  No low brick foundation - the wooden side wall goes to the ground. The sliding doors are fitted to the wooden walls.

3. NO SLIDING DOORS, both sides have wooden walls with brick foundations (2 windows per wall section, replacing the sliding doors.

4. All brick ??? NO! if you want all brick - buy someone elses kit :)

Here are some pics from a kit built up by German modeller Dirk Tegethoff (posted by kind permission). Superb weathering using Fe chloride etching on KHMs aluminium corrugated "iron"!

roof.jpg side.jpg


Below: Another On30 kit (smaller doors) was bashed into this superb industrial shed by Dutch modeller Johan W van Doorn. Johan swapped around the walls and doors, and added extra doors in the rear.

johan-shed1-reduced.jpg johan-shed6-reduced.jpg


Overall Dimensions for the standard size engine shed are shown below.




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Product Reviews

  1. 2 Road Engine Shed Build 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jun 2019

    This was my first kit from Kitwood Hills and I really enjoyed building it. I've added lights and detail to mine, but the kit was great to put together. My On30 engines go in it with no problem and it was a lot of fun to build. Took me about 70 hours but the time went fast. I gave 4 instead of 5 stars as the directions were sometimes hard for me to follow and the pictures were dark. I wish there had been clearer directions with more pics, but other than that Simon makes a great kit.

  2. 1st class kit 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jun 2019

    First wood kit I've built. It was lot easier than I thought and very absorbing; a highly recommended purchase.